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  • Tribute to Victor Everett Combs, 20 Oct 1999

    Precious Jewels

    A certain man of God had two sons who were the light of his life and he delighted to see them each time he returned home from his duties for the church.

    One day the sons fell gravely ill and it was not long before both boys died. Their mother laid them on her bed, spreading a white cover over their bodies. With a much saddened heart, the wife went about her preparations for the upcoming Sabbath, readying a meal for their supper, and awaited her husband.

    That evening the man of God entered his home with a kiss for his wife expecting his sons to greet him with the accustomed hugs. "Where are my boys?" he asked his wife.

    "They are not here just now," she replied, "let me get your dinner."

    As they sat down to eat, he asked again, "Where are the boys tonight?"

    "Iíll tell you soon but first I must ask you something. A good friend left in our care several costly and precious jewels for safe-keeping. Today he returned and asked for them back. What should I do?"

    "I am surprised that such a question would even come into your mind. You know we must return them to their owner."

    "You are right, husband. We will do it. Now please come with me; Iíll take you to our sons."

    Leading him by the hand, the wife took the man of God to the bedroom and pulled the white cover back revealing the faces of the boys. The father was overcome with grief, crying out against their death.

    "My dear husband, did you not tell me just moments ago that we must return the precious jewels to their owner? Our sons were given to us as precious jewels for our care and protection by the Lord God our Creator. Surely since He asks us for them, we must give back these precious jewels to their divine Owner and heavenly Father."

    Victor Everett Combs
    A Jewel Returned
    20 October 1999